Current skincare routine

The last skincare routine I did was way back in February here. At that time I had super dry skin but now-a-days I am a lot more combination to oily because of the summer, although it will be officially Autumn on the 22nd! I thought I’d talk you through what I use now and maybe you will see some products you haven’t tried or thought would be any good. My main skincare aims are to get rid of black heads and make sure my skin is hydrated but not too shiny either. 

I’ll start with cleanser‘s and there are two I turn to. The Garnier micellar water is great for an initial cleanse or it’s all I use when I haven’t got much make-up on and in the morning’s it is really refreshing and it’s pretty much like water. I also like to use the Bioré deep pore charcoal cleanser. This stuff is so good at making my face squeaky clean and it feels so so so refreshing and I love charcoal products as charcoal is really good at drawing out impurities.

Toner is a step about two years a go I wouldn’t of bothered with but now I love stuff! It’s an important step as it closes your pores after having them opened by the cleanser and it gets rid of any residue left by your cleanser. I have two I love to use. The first is the Avéne cleanance lotion toner which mattifies and purifies. This is great to use when my skin is having a shiny time as it’s just something extra to try and combat it. It’s also interesting as it has two parts, a white creamy lotion and a water like substance that you shake together that creates such a lovely toner. I’ve also shaken this up and transferred it into a spray bottle as that’s my favourite way to apply toner and it still works just as well instead of using cotton pads. I also use the Boots Botanics rose water toning spray which I love! It is so refreshing and a joy to use through out the day just to freshen up.

For my serum step I use the amazing hydraluron. I don’t use this every day, only as and when my skin is feeling dry as I think my moisturiser’s are good enough. I cannot fault this stuff. It makes my skin super hydrated, supple, smooth, plump, all the good things! It get’s rid of any dry patches instantly and is my go to the night before a night out as my skin just looks amazingggg.

I have two moisturiser‘s I flit between as I have a recent addition in the form of the hydraluron moisture jelly. This stuff oh my, it makes my skin feel so so so so good! My skin feels supple, plump, super smooth and just generally in good condition. I love how you push the lid down to release the product as it’s really convenient and hygienic. The jelly texture feels really refreshing and light which I like as heavy bogged down moisturiser’s are a no go for me. It doesn’t add to any oiliness, it’s kinda perfect! I also use the Origins ginzing moisturiser. This stuff is just as good. The texture feels gel like and light which as I’ve said before I like. Again it’s really freshing as it feels cool on my skin and the smell is SO good.

In term’s of eye cream I’m not overly fussed but I did get a sample of the ginzing eye cream with my moisturiser so I do enjoy that. I only tend to use eye cream when I have something important to go to or I’m concious that I look or feel tired. I feel the ginzing eye cream definitely brightens my eye area up and makes it feel refreshed. I have quite a few eye cream and gel’s maybe as I’m turning 23 this year I should start using them on a regular basis haha.

Finally my mask of choice that I use regularly is the Sanctuary 5 minute thermal detox mask, This mask feels so nice on my skin. It is a thermal mask so warms up which feels really nice and like it’s doing something! It has charcoal so it’s amazing good at drawing out any impurities and my skin is left really super clean and not irritated in the slightest. I have trouble with masks as I’m normally left red faced but this one doesn’t irritate my skin at all.

So there you have it, my current skin care routine. It has quite the varied price range and I would like to find some cheaper alternatives for some, for example the hydraluron but there just isn’t anything that compares to it’s amazingness! What are your favourite skincare products or routine staples? – Amy x

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