London haulin’

So I went to London for the weekend with my fam and I went to Oxford street and then we all went to the Hippodrome Casino, had the most incredible meal EVER and gambled away. I thought I’d do my fave part first haha and show you my little haul.

First things first, I headed to Oxford street to visit KIKO. Kiko make-up is SO good for the money! I picked up one of their wet or dry eye shadows in 228. It is the most beautiful metallica grey with a purpley pink tone depending on the light. I haven’t used it wet yet but I wore it normally on saturday night and it remained creaseless from 5pm to 1am when I took it off and I got pretty hot as well so winner! I also picked up a smart lip pencil in 712. I was lusting after mac soar after watching a pixiwoo tutorial and this reminded me of the colour. It’s really nice to use and is great for all over the lips. I’ll probably do a more in depth review of these beauts in a couple of weeks.

I also headed into Muji as a spied their candles walking past. I am so happy I did as I have been looking for a candy floss candle for ages and this one was only £3.50 and smells SO STRONG. You don’t even need to burn it to benefit from the scent.

I then went to Tiger and wowee what an amazing shop it is! In my family I’m known as the tat lady damn it and essentially Tiger is full of tat you didn’t know you needed but when you see it you need it! I picked up the gorgeous rose gold frame for only £2. I also picked up the cactus candles for only £2 I believe, how cuteeee are they!! I also picked up some pumpkin bunting because it’s halloween soon and although I’ve never gone trick or treating and I’m 22, I still want bunting damn it! This was only £1.50 so why not!

Finally I went to Primark. I was running out of time so only had a quick look but I love the bag I found! It was £5 from £12 I believe in the sale and is the most gorgeous deep burgundy colour with rose gold hardware. It’s the perfect size for me, can be hooked on my arm, over my shoulder or across the body so has great versatility and plenty of pockets to put stuff! I also love bags with a nice sized front pocket that’s zipped as I can put things like my phone ect I want easy access to but it’s still safe.

So that’s my little haul and given that I spent £20 as the casino and came out with £48, I don’t even feel guilty! – Amy x

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