My weekend in London

I’ve just had the best weekend so I thought I would share it with you guys! My brother’s birthday was at the beginning of the month but as he was away he saved celebrating his birthday until the weekend just gone by treating the fam to a weekend away in London, massive big bro points! I’ve wanted to stay in London for agesss, it was such a good weekend! I went shopping during the day but you’ve already seen my haul if you saw my last post. It was so easy to get around, 20 minute train/tube and I was at Oxford street as the hotel was next to Battersea Park, which I had a lovely view of as I was on the 7th floor. In the evening we all went to the Hippodrome casino, first of all eating at the Heliot Steak House that is in the casino. It was funny, as we were passing Big Ben I took that picture but as I did there was a bus coming round the corner and the driver apologised in case he got in the shot, it was hilarious! You wouldn’t get that were I live, they’d give you the finger. The food at the restaurant was UNREAL. I had the surf and turf which included a fillet steak which cut like butter and was cooked perfectly, scallops and massive prawns which again were cooked perfectly, I was in food heaven! For sides my sister and I shared some fries and the millionaires mac and cheese which had breadcrumbs, a poached duck egg and truffle on top! I’m a bit of a foody and I’ve wanted to try truffle for ages so that’s something off my bucket list! Seriously though the food was incredible. For dessert I have the chocolate tart with salted caramel which again tasted SO GOOD. Onto the gambling, something I’ve never done before but it was so fun. My brother gave us some money to gamble with but I used my own first on the machines and as I said in my previous post I put in £20 and came away with £48 so not bad for an hours work! I then went onto the live tables which gives you such a buzz but if you’ve never done it, it’s also terrifying. I was £20 up so I had £70 buttttt then I lost a fair bit so only gave my brother back £29 haha but my dad lost all his £50 haha my poor brother! You may be thinking why have you got a random picture of mayo, ketchup, salt and pepper but I thought the little jars were so cute and I could use it for a d.i.y lip scrub, what a weirdo hey haha.

The Hotel was so so nice. It was the Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel. I don’t think I’ve ever stayed in one so nice, my brother picked it so it was gunna be good. I had a room to myself with the biggest bed I’ve ever seen which was a treat as I’m used to a single bed. The room had the nicest bath with a slant for your back so you could really relax, I almost fell asleep! The room was spotless, I’m a bit of a weirdo, if I see like a speck of dirt in a place/room I’ve not been in before/isn’t mine it freaks me out but this room was spotless. I thoroughly enjoyed having my own bathroom and covering the sink with all my products! The window in between the main room and bathroom was pretty novel too hah.

If you are looking to go to London and want to treat yourself I would highly recommend this hotel. It was lush and set back a bit from the road so wasn’t really noisy at all and with in easy access to all the main attractions as the nearest station was about a 5 minute walk and I’m a slow walker. The Heliot Steak House steak was that good no meat I eat from now on will forever taste inferior, same goes for prawns and scallops, so what I’m saying it it was damn tasty haha. Being in London made me miss my iphone so bad, I hope someone employees me soon! Ah well at least I have a phone that works for now – Amy x

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