September faves

I have been loving lots through out September. September is a month that always get’s me excited as shops start to get Christmas stock in, the leaves start to change into gorgeous yellow, orange and red hues and I start to get excited about the up coming yearly events like Halloween and bonfire night! The fact that it will be October on wednesday literally blows my mind. This year has gone crazyyy fast but things like graduating feel like an age away even thought it was only last June, so weird!

I’ll start with what is pictured and the first thing I’ve been loving is the body shop tea tree pore minimiser. I use this as an all over primer and then go in with instablur on my nose as that is where I get really bad pores. It feels so fresh and has definitely been helping keep pesky spots at bay as I have been a little bit stressed of late. Maybelline’s 24hr colour tattoo in permanent taupe has been another fave. It’s just these easiest most long wearing eye product ever. It’s great as a base but looks really nice on it’s one as well. Mac Mehr has been gracing my lips most of September either on it’s own or with mac syrup or rebel or pure heroine for a slightly darker nude. It is so versatile and I feel it’s my perfect nude. The Maybelline fit me concealer in 115 has been a god send. It is amazing and really brightening up my eye area. I apply it in a triangle, blend blend blend and it makes me feel like I look so much more awake. The Tarte amazonian clay blush in fearless has also been gracing my cheeks for most of the month. It’s such a pretty colour, really perks up my cheeks and lasts amazingly well. Invisibobble hair bands are incredible! I haven’t had half as many headaches since I’ve swapped to these, they do not pull on my hair at all! I want to squeeze whoever invented them! I used to only seldom use my Real techniques powder brush as it was so big I didn’t enjoy using it so much but it’s really come into it’s own recently as for my old job I would literally wear waterproof mascara and use some powder on my face and this was the perfect brush to get a nice coverage so I didn’t look horribly shiny and it also works really well for finishing powder just to cover my whole face in seconds! Speaking of waterproof mascara that has been another fave this last month. I haven’t been loving a particular brand as I’ve just grabbed which ever waterproof one has been nearest alternating between Natural Collection and Maybelline but it was a god send for stopping me from getting panda eyes as I used to get so hot and bothered at my old job!

Onto more randoms favs now! I don’t know if you have seen it but I have been loving the new show called who’s doing the dishes on ITV hosted by Brian McFadden. Basically there is a group of four strangers and each week night that go to a celebrities house for dinner and from the three courses and three other clues they have to guess who the celebrity is to win some money. I generally love programmes like this e.g come dine with me, four in a bed ect so it’s right up my street. A film I have loved this month was Death sentence staring Kevin Bacon. I don’t know why but for some reason I thought he was mean’t to be a rubbish actor as he always seems to be taken the piss out of but he was amazing in this film. It was a proper edge of your seat thriller where Bacon takes revenge on a gang who murdered his son during an initiation killing. Two food things I’ve been obsessed with this month have been pork pies and heniz bbq beans. I don’t know why, there is just something about pork pies, they taste too damn nice but are so bad for you! I never used to like bbq flavoured stuff but now whenever I have beans it’s always the bbq ones, now normal beans just don’t compare haha weird right but seriously you should try them, so good!

So there you have it, quite a few favourites this month! Link me to your favourites post if you do one ’cause I’m nosey! – Amy x

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