A £1 dupe for M.A.C’s infamous Rebel

The weather has been crazy today! The sun was in then out then in then out, what a mare! Anyway I preserved as I really wanted to tell you about this AMAZING dupe.

Mac’s Rebel has been one of my faves for a long time now. Whilst I was out and checking out the Makeup Revolution stand I saw a lipstick called rebel with cause, the colour looked really similar, the name was similar and as it was only £1, I thought I’d put my theory to the test. As it happens this £1 lipstick from makeup revolution is near enough an exact match. The left hand swatch is makeup revolution’s rebel with a cause and the right is Mac’s Rebel. I would say Mac’s Rebel is slightly more pigmented, slightly darker and has a truer satin finish whereas makeup revolution’s rebel with cause is a smidgen sheerer and has slightly more sheen but colour wise it is pretty much spot on. They look quite different in the bullet but as you can see from the swatches, they are near enough exact! I know I’d rather spend £1 instead of £15.50! It’s a such a stunning colour for autumn and Mac’s Rebel is highly blogged about, it’s nice to have a cheap alternative that is such a good match. It’s also handy for when I go out as I can apply Mac’s Rebel at home and then just take makeup revolution’s offering to top up if need be through out the night and if I loose it I wouldn’t be so heartbroken! Rebel with a cause applies like a dream and for £1 is incredibly pigmented, I don’t know how they can make something so good for so little!

No need to thank me guys, you’re welcome haha. Have you found any good dupes recently? Let me know! – Amy x

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