The cutest makeup bag

I just had to tell you about this little make-up bag, well I say little but it’s managed to fit my makeup revolution blush palette in it, not bad! Anyway’s! This bag is from primark and I fell in love with the colour, the gold hardware and then the price! For £3 this is a steal. It’s well made, the outside material is easy enough to wipe clean and inside is your generic fabric but in a colour that matches the outside. It has two seperate pouches which I think is super helpful as things will be that bit easier to find, They came with all different initals and as my name is Amy, obviously I picked the A hah. I just think it’s so cute for the price! I know primark previous sold one like this but I wasn’t keen on the black and white and I think it only had one section. This light dusty pink is a lot softer and more ‘me’ and it has the cutest polkadots, the previous version did but they just seem to suit this colouring a lot better.

So if you are in the market for a new makeup bag, check this one out as it is lush! I don’t really use it to put in my handbag or house daily makeup, I normally keep things I know I’m going to blog about soon in it but it looks lovely on my dressing table so who cares! For £3 you really can’t go wrong. – Amy x

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