REVIEW: Urban Decay naked 2 basics

When I first saw the naked 2 basics being talked about online I knew it had to be mine. The first naked basics really wasn’t my thing as the shades seemed too warm and the first three looked extremely similar. Fast forward to the naked 2 basics and it’s a different story. This is such a lovely palette full of taupey cool toned nudes which I love! Until a few months ago I wasn’t really a lover of matte shades and when I got my naked 3 palette I ignored the matte shades to begin with but as time went on limit and nooner became my fave everyday combo so I knew when I saw the naked 2 basics I was gunna need me some of that! Now the palette is basically matte but the first shade skimp is more of a satin with slight shimmer which is the perfect shade for the corner of your eyes and brow bone but not too much.

My fave combo at the moment is frisk all over, primal in the crease, undone as a liner and skimp in the corner of my eyes and brow bone. My fave shade is easily frisk and it’s probably the main reason I wanted the palette. It’s like no shade I have and it is the most beautiful light taupe shade with the tiniest hint of lilac I think, I just love it! The quality of the eye shadows is ON POINT. The pigmentation is great, especially as they are nude shades. I get no fall out with the shadows so ruining my concealer/foundation isn’t an issue. The packaging is really nice and compact. It looks swish with the embossed letters and smooth matte surface much like the Nars packaging but in a colour that doesn’t show the dirt quite so much.

I personally think for the quality and many options this palette gives at £22 (I think it’s £22 as that is how much the original costs) it’s not half bad. I however brought this palette from This website is AMAZING. They currently sell 4 items a week (Monday at 6pm, set your alarms) and the more people buy the higher the discount, however they do have a limited stock. In the end I paid £15.40 for this instead of £22, what a bargain! I still don’t think it’s come out in the UK yet as I can’t find it anywhere. I also picked up the too faced chocolate palette for £30.60 instead of £45 which sold out in about 5 minutes, crazy hey! I can’t wait to review that beauty, oh my it smells GOOD. I have also been informed the lorac pro palette is coming to the website soon so I really hope I am quick enough to be able to snap up that as it sounds like the most perfect palette every invented, I need it!!! – Amy x

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