REVIEW: Barbara Daly Long wear eyeshadow stick

I love love loveeeee this little beauty. It’s the Barbara Daly long wear eye shadow stick in shimmer sand aka rose gold. It is such a beautiful shade with the perfect amount of shimmer and as the name would suggest the wear time is incredible, think Maybelline colour tattoos. This doesn’t crease on me at all and that is without using a primer, I may put some foundation on my eyelids but not a proper primer and it doesn’t crease at all. The packaging looks lovely and luxe, it has a graphite grey mirror kinda finish and the product is popped up with a generic twist action but if it aint broke why fix it hey! This was only £3, I believe this may of been sale price as I’m pretty sure they used to be double that or more but it didn’t have a sale label so maybe Barbara Daly has reduced her prices! These can be found at bigger Tesco’s stores or the black marble variation is available online here. It really is the perfect thing to use in a rush, you just pop it on your lids straight from the packaging, blend with your finger and your done. It creates such a beautiful shimmery warming effect to your lids. I think it would work amazingly well with gold and pinky toned eye shadows over the top too, think urban decay naked 3.

What is your favourite long wearing shadow stick? I am obsessed with how easy they are to use! – Amy x

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