REVIEW: Illamasqua multi facet palette is Aura

I have seen this palette a lot over the last few weeks on blogs but have noticed pretty much every one I’ve read has been a pr sample so as I have brought this myself I thought I’d let you in on whether it is really worth the money! The only other Illamasqua product I have is a glamore lipstick from a beauty box which isn’t a colour that really suits me but the formula is amazing so I really wanted to try more!

I’ll start by saying that this is my new favourite thing, easily worth the money and it’s love. The palette is of course the Illamasqua multi facet palette in Aura. It is the most versatile palette I have ever seen on the market and the quality is pretty amazing. It comes with a gleam highlighter in Aurora, blush in Tremble, contour shade in Hollow, brow cake in Thunder and four eye shadows 1. Vision, 2. Servant, 3. Feint and 4. Machine. You also get a double ended brush, one side being good for blending and packing on colour and the other being good for eyebrows and lining.

As you can probably tell the palette is already well loved, I did try and make it a bit more presentable for pictures though! It is basically your whole face done in one palette. The shades are right up my street. I can see why people love the cream pigment in Hollow because it is frigging amazing for contouring and so easy to use. The eye shadows look absolutely beautiful together, my favourite is Feint, it just screams autumn and is an amazing crease colour. I didn’t think the peachy shade servant would look good on my lids but I even love that one with the others as a complete look. The palette also has a decent sized mirror so it really is perfect for on the go. I was worried I wouldn’t get any use out of the brow cake as it did look a bit reddy toned from swatches online but it looks so natural on my brows, I love it! The blush is a gorgeous pink with a hint of coral, it is such a pretty shade! The gleam highlight blends seamlessly and looks so beautiful.

There literally are not enough words to tell you how much I love using this thing. Ever since I got it about two weeks ago I have used all of it or at least some part of it every single day. I can’t wait to try some more things from Illamasqua. They had an amazing Christmas sale on last year, I really don’t know why I didn’t get anything then, I guess I just didn’t know anything about the brand but this year I am ready to get in on some of those bargains! Can you tell I’m obsessed with this? – Amy x

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