What I got for christmas 2014

I am stoked with all of these gifts. A few have been on my wishlist for quite some time! I don’t know why there is a stigma attached to these kinds of posts because for the majority of the time I will be more likely to read a post if it’s a haul or what I got for my birthday ect ’cause it is interesting to see what other people got and what they are into ’cause I’m nosey! Anyways I have an incredibly generous family so I’m feeling rather lucky right now! There are a few gifts not pictured as I’ve used them or you can’t actually take a photo of it. My lovely friend Emma got me some lovely bath stuff and the cutest fluffy coin purse, my cousin and fam got me a newlook gift voucher I’ve already spent on two pairs of shoes and a top and my parents paid for my car to have it’s MOT and service which I am so grateful for as that isn’t cheap! My dad is the sweetest and he actually picked the bath bombs and soaps for my stocking, I thought it was my mum but it was all his handy work! I got some lovely candles, I can’t wait to crack open christmas eve next year, it’s one of my favourite christmas scents. The melt lipstick is incredible and is made by two make-up artists I have followed on instagram for quite some time so I’m extra stoked I got it! The nars lip pencils are as amazing as the reviews lead you to believe and the molecule 01 perfume smells incredible. I can’t wait to try the tarte exposed blush, it is such an unusual pretty shade and the brush is came with is so incredibly soft!

I hope you enjoyed having a nosey! Leave me a link if you have done a ‘what I got for christmas’ post although knowing me I’ve already read it, I can spend hours on bloglovin’! I hope you all had an amazing magical christmas and the new year is kind to you and all you wish and hope it to be – Amy x

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