REVIEW: nyx butter glosses

Ever since I had seen essiebutton talk about these, it felt like an age until they actually came to the uk! Now nyx is sold in selected Next stores it is a lot easier to get hold of and earlier in the year they finally got the butter glosses in!

As you can see I friggin’ LOVE the nyx butter glosses as I have 8 of them. They come in such a variety of shades and even the neon looking pink shade looks lovely on. These glosses aren’t opaque but they definitely pack more of a pigment punch than others I have, even the nude shades. With these you can opt for a dark lip or a barbie pink lip but it isn’t too in your face. In terms of pigmentation I would compare them to the maybelline colour elixirs.

These glosses aren’t sticky at all and considering they are glosses they last a good few hours on my lips if I’m not eating so are perfect for work and super easy to quickly top up on a break. If you haven’t already I would give these a go. They are definitely worth the hype and I absolutely love them. – Amy x

p.s just to help out with names as I realised it was abit silly of me not to put them! from left to right: angel food cake, tiramisu, strawberry parfait, red velvet, cherry pie, devil’s food cake, cupcake and raspberry tart.

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9 thoughts on “REVIEW: nyx butter glosses

  1. Alot of these were ยฃ2 in the next sale but before sale they were ยฃ5 so not bad at all. My fav for everyday is angel food cake, second favourite surprisingly to me is cupcake ๐Ÿ™‚ x


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