Samples pamper eve // mini reviews

I stayed in a hotel last night as I was visiting my great auntie in Newmarket. Instead of taking all my full size things along, I thought I’d try a fair few of my sample products/things I got from my beauty advent calender and do a kinda mini review/first impressions for you!

First up I had a lovely relaxing bath and I feel this was mainly due to the fact I used the Maddi Alexander rose bath oil. I didn’t think I was one for rose scents but I really like the smell of this, it kinda has a hint of lavender too, although I can’t see it in the ingredients, which is really calming. I’ve never used a bath oil before but I definitely will again as my skin feels silky smooth!

Before my bath I tried out the Liz Earle cleanse and polish. I’ve always thought how can a cleanser be that amazing but er wow! This stuff literally devoured my make up. I especially noticed how good it was at getting off mascara which I usually have trouble with. It feels really relaxing to work it into the skin. My favourite part was using the hot muslin cloth to work it off because it gently exfoliates and just feels really nice to be honest to have a lovely hot cloth on my face after a long day!

Next I used the Clinique 7 day scrub cream as I haven’t treated my face to a proper scrub in ages because I’ve been obsessed with the pixi glow tonic and I’m lazy. This stuff was really gentle on my skin and felt nice and creamy as well as having some grit but I also felt like it was really working to get rid of any dead skin cells. I’ve been a bit lazy with my skin care routine of late so this was much needed. It didn’t irritate my skin at all, I wasn’t amazed by it but it did the job as far as scrubs go.

Finally before getting in the bath I popped on the Glamglow youthmud tinglexfoliate treatment that I got from my you beauty advent calendar. Now I thought I was going to love this but I didn’t at all. It REALLY made my skin tingle, so much so I thought I was allergic to it but luckily my skin wasn’t ridiculously red when I took it off. It did however exfoliate really well but so much so it was hurting my skin wiping it off! It also had quite big chunks of what I’m guessing is seaweed which I wasn’t expecting. Basically not a very pleasant experience, in fact I had to get out of the bath to get it off quick. I think the one for me from the glamglow range would be the glamglow thirsty mud as it looks to not be abrasive and more aimed at hydration.

After the harshness of the glamglow youthmud I thought I would use the Sisley radiant glow express mask. I also vaguely remember essie button mentioning in one of her videos that after she uses the glamglow youthmud she normally uses a hydrating/different mask after because it feels like it zaps her skin of moisture and I definitely feel where she is coming from! I really liked this mask and I think it definitely contributed to my skin looking more radiant. It has a creamy pearlescent finish and you just leave it on for 3-5 minutes then rinse with water, simple. This helped to make my skin feel more normal again after the pain of trying to get the bloody glamglow mask off!

I then tried out The body shop seaweed clarifying toner. It did feel refreshing but as far as toner’s go, now I’ve tried the pixi glow tonic nothing will compare, which is a bugger because it isn’t cheap. I do like how this one claims to be pore-minimising and reduced excess oil so maybe I will get the full size to try if I don’t want to spend so much after my pixi glow tonic has run out. I have a lot of excess oil during the summer months so this may be just the ticket to use during that time of year!

Next I tried the Bioeffect egf serum. This stuff is bloody expensive so there is no way I would buy full size and by expensive I mean £125! However it did feel really nice on my skin and super plumping. A little goes a long way so I can see this sample lasting me a little while but I am quite happy with my hydraluron. It is such a cute diddy bottle which isn’t suprising given that the 15ml full size is so bloody expensive, I’m surprised it was even in my beauty calendar to be honest but glad I’ve got to try it because it does feel really nice.

For a moisturising product I just used a sample of the Vichy idéalia smoothing and illuminating cream. I didn’t love this as it feels quite sticky and took a little while to sink in but it was a handy size to take for a night away and does the job!

Lastly I used the Rodial stemcell super-food glam balm lip. This stuff feels AMAZING. It isn’t sticky or too slippy or too wet. For me it is the perfect consistency, super moisturising, doesn’t take an age to sink in, works really well over patted lip stick to create a shiny lip stain, isn’t too heavy and makes my lips feel so so soft. I am obsessed, I much prefer this to the nuxe reve de miel and it comes in a tube so I don’t have to get my fingers messy. My lips have been really dry recently so I’m really glad I got this in my beauty advent calendar and have finally started using it. It would be the perfect consistency to use with eye shadows to create interesting lip colours or create a glossy eye look which seems to be coming back into fashion recently.

As you can see I have well and truely pampered myself and found some amazing products that I will purchase full sizes off. I also found some products, like the glamglow mask, that I’m really surprised I didn’t like but that’s why samples come in handy as I haven’t wasted £50 on a mask I don’t like! What have your favourite discoveries been through trying samples? – Amy x

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