The red lipstick dreams are made of from melt cosmetics

As you can see by the swatch, this lipstick, the melt cosmetics belladonna 2, is an intense pinky red. The pink hues don’t show up as much when photographing this beaut but it’s pretty true to shade. This lipstick is ultra matte, once it’s on it isn’t going anywhere which is just what you would want in a red lipstick! Even just swatching it on my arm and it being on there for literally a minute it has stained haha. Although it is ultra matte, that doesn’t make it ultra drying so don’t worry it isn’t like mac’s ruby woo. It is such a vibrant eye catching colour, when I first applied it I was just like wow that is some red! The orange in the top image is just the reflection of my light so excuse that! I love how the matte bullet matches the product and the melt logo is simple but looks nice and matches melt cosmetics as a brand.

Melt say:
Belladonna’s long lost little sister.
She’s bluer.
She’s ultra-electric.
She’s the prettiest pinky-red you’ll ever put your lips on.

This red is probably one of their more reserved colours, they have an amazing pure black, a dark green, dark blue, grey and some other amazing and unique colours. The colour names are cool too, the dark blue it DGAF haha. At £19.95 a pop from beautybcosmetics and £22.49 from amazon they are not the cheapest of lipsticks but totally worth it. These have been created by amazing make-up artists that know exactly what is needed for the perfect lipstick and it shows!

I cannot tell you how long I have wanted this lipstick! It is from the american based company melt cosmetics which was founded by two make-up artists called Lora and Dana whom both create friggin’ amazing make-up looks and that I found via instagram. If you have a looksie at their website you can see all other other lipstick shades they have and they have also just this month launched two eye shadow stacks which look amazing and the packaging is really innovative. I have followed them both since before they launched their cosmetics so I was so excited when I got this for christmas as I’ve wanted it since it came out which was a while ago now. I only know of amazon and that sell melt cosmetics within the UK but the melt cosmetics website does ship internationally but bare in mind you may incur customs charges. They have some amazing swatches and instagram tags from customers on their website too! Forget YSL, Tom Ford or Charlotte Tilbury, you need to try these! – Amy x

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