Viviannadoesmakeup made me do it

I have seen viviannadoesmakeup talk about the burberry eye shadow in pale barley quite a few times and it looks so beautiful but the £22.50 price ultimately put me off big time! To my surprise when I was having a wonder through tkmaxx I saw some Burberry packaging and it was none other than a couple of the sheer eye shadows for only £12.99! I went for the shade Midnight brown (21) which is still being sold full price so I feel very lucky to of found it in tkmaxx indeed! It had to be done right!

This is like the eye shadow shade of dreams for me. It is a beautiful browny, taupey, gold and looks absolutely stunning popped on your lids then blended out for a one colour, one wash wonder look.  The staying power is incredible, it lasts a whole 9 hour shift and then some! It can be applied easily with a finger then blended out just as well as using a brush, in fact I do prefer my fingers. As you can see I’ve already ruined the beautiful imprint which mimics the packaging but I really do use it that much! Now I have one I wouldn’t mind paying the £22.50 for another because I would get so much use out of it, they are seriously good and the packing is so luxe with its magnetic close and dark grey mirrored effect. Basically I am pretty smitten! – Amy x

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