January Favourites

I don’t mind telling you January has been a pretty good month for me! I have lost 6lbs, I have completely organised my room, got rid of a ton of crap and now know where everything is and I don’t feel like I have way too much stuff any more. Work is going nicely, I kinda have a plan of action about work in the future which is better than having no clue, I got paid a few days earlier than expected and I just generally feel happier which is lovely! Now onto the favourites of this month…

1. Tarte blush in exposed because it is the perfect blush colour for any make-up look.
2. Tarte blush brush because it is super soft and is my favourite shape.
3. Rodial lip balm because it is bloody good.
4. Benefit lolli balm because it is a nice sheer wash of colour and moisturising at the same time for wearing to work.
5. The little mix collection palette because for £2.99 the pigmentation and lasting power is amazing. I have been wearing the fourth one in almost constantly.
6. Fake flowers because they really brighten up my room and don’t die! I have the one pictured, a carnation, a gerbera, lavender and peonies.
7. The Sacconejolys vlogs on youtube because they make me laugh every single day and they are the cutest family you ever did see!
8. My helmer units from ikea because they are the best for storing my make-up and skincare and super cheap.
9. Lucozade original because it’s been keeping me going when I’ve had barely any sleep and it tastes bloody good.
10. My purple fairy lights as they make the prettiest night light you ever did see!

11. Taylor Swift 1989 cause it’s been playing on repeat in my bedroom and for the last couple of weeks in my car every single day. I LOVE singing along and there isn’t one song I don’t like. The last time I was this obsessed with an album was the latest Beyonce album from 2013.

There you have it my monthly favourites! Roll on February and continuing to move forward! – Amy x

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