Favourite recent real techniques additions

A few weeks ago I expanded my real techniques collection quite a bit and purchased another core collection, mini’s set, travel set and the retractable bronzer brush. Instead of wittering on about things I have already reviewed I thought I would pick my top four that have made it to the top of my most used brushes pretty quick!

First up is the mini face brush from the mini’s set. This is the perfect brush for contouring, it really sculpts your cheek bones because it is long, thin and dome shaped so creates a line but because it is domed it can be perfectly blended out. I love to use this with my Illamasqua cream pigment in hollow,

Second is the contour brush. The only reason I brought another core collection is purely because of this brush. It is perfect for contouring as the name would suggest and I usually just use powders with this brush as I tend to like to use one brush solely for cream and one for powder products so it is less messy and it is also the perfect size for highlighting, hence why I needed another one!

Next is the domed shadow brush. This is the perfect size for my crease. The domed shape means that it is great for blending and the size and flatter style of it means it is great for really packing product on. It is from the travel essentials set and comes with a really lovely multi task brush which reminds me of the buffing brush and a nice foundation brush with more of a rounded top than that in the core collection which I don’t reckon much of.

Finally and probably my most favourite is the retractable bronzer brush. Most of the time I look like casper the friendly ghost but I always found brushes I had packed on bronzer too heavily and it didn’t look right. This brush is perfect for giving a light dusting of bronzer so I look more human but it in no way looks like I have had a bad tan or a make up mishap. I love using the body shop honey bronzer with this brush as it is a light subtle shade. I apply bronzer to my cheeks, temples and jawline and then I don’t look ill anymore, win!

What is your favourite makeup brush? – Amy x

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3 thoughts on “Favourite recent real techniques additions

  1. I love RT brushes I have their eye set, I love the blending brush in it works amazing. But my favourite brushes are the Bdellium tools they are amazing. They work so well with every product I through at them, they blend so nicely the products that I'm using. Also they wash up so well, also when I wash them they dry like I just got them !



  2. I brought two of the bold metals recently, gutted their wasn't a 3 for 2 but I absolutely love them, eye wateringly expensive but so worth it. I got the contour brush and pointed crease eye brush x


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