D.I.Y (Kinda) super cheap makeup brush holders

I thought I’d let you in on my new favourite way to store makeup my brushes. I used to keep them on top of my clear acrylic drawers in more acrylic storage and before that in ikea plant pots but although I had sorted them into sections I wanted it to be even easier to just grab whatever brush I needed to use instead of playing spot the brush all the time.

Initially I was using glass jars my family had finished with however some of them just weren’t the right size/shape for example a nutella jar isn’t the best. I went off on a mission to tesco to find the right shapes glass jars and came across their every day value range with starts from as little as just over 20p and a max of about 50p so ridiculously cheap. Now you may be thinking surely it is wasteful to just get jars to use for makeup brushes and chuck the food but don’t worry I decanted the food into other containers so chill!

The main thing you have to do is get the ugly label off. Some labels are tricky buggers but I find hot water, lots of soap and a metal scourers work as the glue can be pretty stubborn.

Pretty self explanatory but now all you gotta do is let them dry. I’m pretty sure decor shops sell glass jars and charge a stupid amount so it makes total sense to just do it yourself and I think all the different sizes and shapes look really nice and quirky, especially since I have a glass top dressing table as well, it all matches perfectly. As they are glass jars though it means they will match with anything.

At this stage you could decide to decorate the jars with ribbon, stencils, sharpies if aren’t too shabby at drawing (I am crap) but I chose to leave mine plain and add ‘display sand’ in a kind of glittery white to make sure the brushes stand up but that isn’t necessary at all as you can see below as I shot that as a quick example.

And there you have it a simple pretty makeup brush holder! This one is perfect for all my eye brushes as it is shorter as the ikea plant pots are too tall as are most things I have tried and I just find them annoying for smaller brushes. I find it so much easier to have separate jars for blush, contouring, bases, eyes as I know exactly where whatever brush I need will be and yes I have labeled most of my brushes too, I got a bit happy with the dymo machine, oops! Who needs example brush storage when you can buy a 24p jar of mint sauce! – Amy x

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