D.I.Y: copper glass jars

This kinda of goes on from the ‘D.I.Y’ for glass jars I posted the other day. I was looking around Wilko and spotted a can of spray paint in copper on sale for £2 and I knew it had to be mine and I also knew exactly what I was going to do with it!

I have never used spray paint before but it seemed pretty obvious what I had to do. I create the lines/sections I just used sellotape and It seemed to work pretty well. I used the spray paint in my garden so as not to choke on fumes or just the paint everywhere and just put it under neath my BBQ which has a rack under neath and just let it dry. When dry I just removed the sellotape and voila you are left with some very pretty glass jars.

Now I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet but having not spray painted before I think they have turned out really well! I seem to be obsessed with doing little D.I.Y’s in my bedroom! I covered my dressing table glass in marble sticky back plastic and I am so chuffed with it! – Amy x

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