Tiger haulin’

I inevitably went to Tiger during my payday shopping splurge. I absolutely love this shop, it is full of quirky, useful, random and lovely things and I want everything, they got me hook line and sinker!

First up is this super cute wire house which was £4. I kept seeing these all over pinterest and I really wanted one to start and air garden. Air plants are kinda expensive so for the mean time I just have a foliage plant in there and it is hanging on my wall. It looks pretty good I must say.

I also picked up this wire bowl which is also hanging on my wall and has some cactus candles in that I also got from Tiger a while ago now. I seem to be really into lines at the moment and really adding a lot of decoration and ‘tarting’ up my room so I’m really happy with how these two things look together.

I was so glad when I found these plastic containers. They were £4 for the four and fit perfectly in one of my drawers for my makeup which I felt was a bit untidy but these have sorted that out perfectly. I don’t have a muji near me and didn’t want to order online so these are perfect!

I got some acrylic paint for £3 as recently a lot of the nail art I’ve been inspired by seems to use acrylic paint and it looks a lot easier to work with so I thought I’d give it a go. I also got a black jewel like and glitter phone case as I was bored with my current one and this one is much prettier and only £2.

Finally I picked up a mason like jar with a handle for only £2 which I was pretty pleased about because the supermarket offerings are always £3.50 or more which I’m not really prepared to pay. I don’t actually use it for drinking, it holds my anti-bac and medication and just looks nice on my bedside drawers. I also got a little tea light holder for £1. I have two others I got previously with the copper rim so I wanted a third as  I prefer things in three’s, don’t ask me why I have no idea but I hadn’t seen this one last time as it is slightly different to the two I already have but still matches with the copper rim.

I am obsessed with copper, well anything metallic at the moment. So obsessed in fact I thought it would be a good idea to spray paint one of the walls in my room gold which made my house bloody stink and nearly half killed me but damn it looks good! More on my spray paint obsession another time! – Amy x

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