Primark haulin’

During my big pay day shop I had to hit up Primark because you can’t beat it in terms of price to be honest with you and I’m a scrooge unless we are talking make-up. I also ended up going again the next day so another Primark haul is on its way. 

I saw this bag and just thought it was absolutely beautiful. It was £5 down from £10 and I can’t wait for an occasion to wear it.

I also picked up this gorgeous rose gold clutch for only £2. I thought the little bracelets were a bargain for £2 and super comfy as they aren’t metal all around.

The accessories section seems to be on point recently. I picked up the necklace on the left for £3 and thought the blue was super pretty and reminded me of Greece. I picked up the necklace on the right for £1.50. I really like the simplicity of it, texture and colour of silver.

I got this cute navy cat ear phone case for only £1 and I had to pick up a new scent of the anti-bac from cuticura which seems to be exclusively made for Primark.

I spied this gorgeous make-up/wash bag for only £3. they have various sizes and this is the middle size. I didn’t get it for make-up, I got it to pop my camera in when it is just in my room as it just looks prettier!

I have read A LOT about these super high waisted skinny jeans and I had to try them for myself. I love the colour and effect. My favourite style of jeans are high waisted and these are incredibly comfy because they are so high. I am tempted to get the grey version I like them that much and for £10 you can’t go wrong.

I got this throw for my chair in my room and it was a bargain at only £3.90. I really couldn’t decide on the pattern/colour but went with this grey and white one in the end as it will pretty much go with anything in my room.

I couldn’t go to Primark and not have a look at all their candles on offer. I am a candle fiend. I spotted these in the sale and loved the dip dye and wood look. The smaller orange ones were only 50p and the bigger one was £1.

I was so happy when I saw this pineapple candle! It has been all over the internet and I fell in love. It is only £2.50, looks so lovely and it can continue to be a decoration long after the candle has gone because the top only have a very small dip in which the candle is housed and is white underneath.

And finally and continuing on the pineapple theme I picked up this cushion for £3. There was a flamingo one as well which I may have to go back for!

There is a duvet set and a few more cushions I have my eye on. I am loving the Primark home section at the moment and as I have just brought a double bed I will definitely be stocking up on new bedding and cushions to go with it.  – Amy x

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