April favourites!

Oh April, the month where the nights are lighter, the dumps are open longer hah and there are beautiful daffodils and blossom trees everywhere. It is the month for me when the temperature is perfect, not too hot, not too cold and it has definitely delivered with some gorgeous blue sky days.

I have a lot of skincare favourites this month as I had a good splurge in the body shop. The camomile cleansing butter is bloody amazing. I have read numerous reviews stating this but I didn’t expect it to be this good, it feels luxurious, super moisturising, doesn’t leave a single trace of makeup, is calming and isn’t greasy. Another body shop product I’ve been loving is the seaweed pore perfector. I love this simply because it works, with in even a couple of uses I could notice the pores on my nose already weren’t as obvious. I have tried so many pore products but this one genuinely works for me, its a really nice smooth almost silicone like consistency and smells really nice which surprised me as it is from the seaweed range but doesn’t smell like seaweed at all. Lastly from the body shop is the vitamin e aqua boost sorbet. I love the body sorbets so had high hopes for this and it is exactly what I wanted. It is so cooling on my skin and really packs a punch where moisture is concerned. This is going to be absolutely perfect for summer and is perfect for me now when I am flustered after a days work or cleaning my room which is all I seem to be doing lately!

Rimmel launched a new nail varnish formulation with new shades added to the rita ora collection as well and I absolutely love the new colours and formula. They are called 60 second super shine which I am guessing is Rimmel’s offering for the whole gel nails but not craze. I think I have six already and there are more shades I want woops! I have a post coming up on these so I wont babble on but the formula isn’t streaky, is super shiny and lasts really well, it’s love. The one pictured is tangerine tent.

I have two toners from Lush, one that I use in the morning to wake me up and one I use at night time which is super calming. Breath of fresh air is really lovely for the morning and it smells really fresh and feels refreshing on my sleepy face! Eau roma water is perfect for bed time as it is basically lavender water and lavender is a well known calming scent and again it feels refreshing.

Something that I’ve only owned for a few days but is already a firm favourite is the Revive home essentials ice bag. I was shopping in house of fraser looking at a bag which I had to look down to, got up and smacked my head on a glass shelf which I didn’t see as it had nothing on it so I wasn’t a happy bunny! I found this in tk maxx and it has been amazing at making my head feel better as its 4 days on and it stills hurts a bit, I have never bashed my head so hard! You can also put hot water as well as ice so it is pretty perfect. As my fridge as an ice machine I now have an instant ice pack, as I get migraines quite frequently this is really gunna come in handy!

Finally it is the Schwarzkopf gliss hair repair super shine tonic for coloured hair. I have used this for ‘normal’ hair and there isn’t really any difference in the product but either way this is really lovely. It adds a lovely sheen to the hair without looking greasy or weighing it down, tames any frizz and makes my hair feel super smooth. It is a great thing to have for me as I don’t use conditioner as my scalp is too sensitive but this stuff is perfect for me. It apparently cares for hair too so all good stuff!

Tv favourite has been Masterchef. I am so happy Simon won, he was my fave! I am kinda gutted it has finished tbh, what can I watch now! I have also been loving Dinner date, especially the ‘celebrity’ editions!

How wordy hah. So those are my April favourites. I have brought so much stuff recently I fear my May favourites may have include about 20 things!

I have been awol for about a month and I am really sorry! I just haven’t felt inspired and have had personal stuff going on which has meant blogging has taken a back seat in my mind. I have even taken pictures but just haven’t had the motivation to sit down and write yano. Don’t think I haven’t been shopping for lots of beauty products though because I have done that more than ever and basically obliterated my wish list so expect lots of haul/review posts coming your way! Just a note to end this post:

Be grateful, live in the present and be thankful for your loved ones around you and make sure they know it. Be kind, be nice and be understanding because you will never be able to fully get inside someones head to know how they are feeling but showing you are there and just listening will make a world of difference.

Amor vincit omnia. Family. Nihil sine causa. Faith.
Love conquers all. Family. Nothing happens without a reason. Faith.

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