REVIEW: Essence nude lipsticks in 03 & 05

Essence is a brand that has fond memories for me as I first found it on a trip to Berlin which was my first trip without my parents and I just remember being amazed by the huge display and how cheap everything was, I was like a kid in a sweet shop. Fast forward a couple of years and Essence finally became available in wilko in the UK and ever since then my collection has grown.

My latest purchase and by latest I mean probably a couple of months a go now, I just hadn’t got round to typing up this post and lets be honest I have been pretty slack on the blog front. This brings me to a shout out I wanna give to Zoe London and a particular post shes just written about how she feels about blogging and although blogging isn’t my job I still feel pressure to post more than I realistically have time for and I could really relate to how she felt about the blogging culture. Even in the last two years since I started my blog I have noticed a huge change in blogging as it once felt like it had such a strong community spirit so I wholeheartedly suggest you give her latest post a read and her whole blog because she is a very clever, thoughtful lady. She also has some great posts on her trip to New York which got me super excited for mine early next year!

Okay onto the lipsticks which can I just say I love. I picked up 05 cool nude and 03 come naturally. These are perfect everyday shades. 05 has a brown vibe with a hint of dusty rose where as 03 has a slight mauvey tint mixed in with brown and is cooler in tone. They are the perfect shades if you are worried about nudes looking too light on you if you have a fair complexion like me. The wear time is pretty good considering they are only £2.30 each! They feel comfortable on the lips and I would say they have a semi-matte finish which looks really nice. Essence have a few more shades in their nude collection and I love how the packaging matches the shade as it is so much easier to pick out what lip shade you wanna wear that way cause you can clearly see the shade.

For £2.30 you can’t go wrong, Essence has some lovely shades in their long lasting lipstick range so if you haven’t already definitely give them a try but especially these two shades if you are searching for a much cheaper alternative to those high-end nude lipsticks everyone is obsessed with. – Amy x

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Essence nude lipsticks in 03 & 05

  1. I love essence and likewise was very excited when I saw the collection in Wilkos- however I found the lipsticks quite dry! I may have to try it out again with some lip balm underneath as I love these two colours!!

    I'm starting a new blog- and I wondered whether you would check it out I you had a moment! I love your blog so hopefully you might enjoy reading mine once it is up and running!


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