Current/August favourites

It is insane to me that we are now in September. I mean we are in the last third of the year like whattttt, soon it will be Christmas! too soon? I bloody love autumn, gone are the days of dying in the heat and a big hello to the days of wearing scarfs and boots. I’m going to Paris at the end of October and I bet it will be stunning in autumnal colours, I’m rather excited as it is somewhere I have always always always wanted to go, second on my ‘things to do before I die’ list and I have had it booked since March so I’ve been waiting a while hah.

These few products have been key over the last couple of months and I’ll tell you for why! The Soap & Glory on heck of a blot powder is all kinds of awesome. When I have turned into sweaty betty it has kept my face looking matte without looking like I have just caked myself in powder which is precisely what I would have just done. It’s smooth, comes in sturdy packaging and I’ve even converted my Twin and she never usually spends over £3.99 (rimmel stay matte where you at) on powder. This stuff is 100% worth it!

The Lancome Hypnose drama mascara has been a long standing favourite of mine, it sucks it’s so expensive but it really does make my lashes look amazing and you don’t need layers and layers of the stuff  ’cause when I have to do my make-up in my car ’cause I’m running that late, I don’t have time for that! There is something about the curve in the wand and the formula that just lengthens my lashes, separates them and gives amazing volume, it is a frickin’ magician.

The Bourjois 1 second nail varnish remover is a godsend. I have tried the £1 Primark version but it really isn’t the same, the sponge breaks up and it doesn’t smell as good as the Bourjois one so I am happy to pay extra just for the smell alone. It smells kinda fruity which is a massive improvement as nail varnish remover generally just stinks of chemicals. It works super quick and makes taking your nail varnish off less like a chore and there is no cotton wool mess at the end, win win!

The YSL rouge volupté shine in beige instinct is my new fave lippy. It doesn’t look so great in the bullet, shimmery brown no thank you BUT on the lips it is the perfect browny nude and because it is from the sheerer line the colour is a lot more subtle and it looks super pretty. The shimmer isn’t noticeable on the lips at all so there are no frosty lips in sight, it just makes your lips appear fuller in a nice way. I am obsessed with this, when I’m running late I will always grab this to take with me as it just finishes off any make-up look perfectly, it’s a no fuss application because of the sheerer formula you don’t need to use a lip liner and it just makes me feel more ‘done.’

Finally my last favourite has to be come dine with me abroad. I didn’t realise it was on again as it was on in the middle of the day so I have had all of series two and three to catch up on. The narrator is hilarious and I am just fascinated by how people interact with each other and their personality traits and then when you find an episode with a huge fight it is really entertaining! Lets be honest come dine with me is really about how interesting the people are, not the food.

So those are my faves, what have you been loving this month? Are you as happy about autumn as me? – Amy x

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