Festive decorations have taken over my house!

It’s that time of year again guys! The most wonderful time of the year hehe. As I did last year here, on the 10th of December as well funnily enough, not planned! I thought I would share with you my festive decorations. I’m the only one in my family that is arsed enough about decorations so I literally decorate everywhere so I’m gunna share my family decorations as well as my bedroom ones with you.  

At the top is my mantle piece which I love, I brought the garland in the sale at the beginning of the year and I think it is perfect with the initials of all the family members. The garland is from Wilko and the letters are from M&S (£1) and they are on a 3for2. The little tree on the left is in the conservatory and as the decor is grey in there I went for copper, the baubles were from Longacres (£2.49) and the other decorations were from a shop in Paris. The noel sign is from Wilko again that I got in the sale, I love the natural wood look and also have a tree in the same style. To the right is a picture of my lights in my room in the dark so ya’ll can see how pretty they are! Finally I have my bauble garlands that are in the living room that I made using twine (£2 in a set with gift tags) and two packs of 35 baubles (£2.50) from Wilko. Also pictured is a wooden tree I made with some doweling from B&Q, string and decorated with baubles on some twine. Super easy and cheap to make if you just don’t have any floor space for a tree.

On the left is our main tree in the living room, I took multiple pictures and roughly put them together so the decorations are clearer to see but it looks a bit odd so apologies. After 3 odd years of buying decorations here and there I have finally collected enough to not have any matching decorations, bar one I think and the tree chocolates obviously which is the look I was going for. There is a loose theme in that they are mainly traditional in style which include red, gold, silver, white and more natural colours as my living room is decorated with cream and green wallpaper so I want the tree to fit in and not be an eyesore! Above is the front door decoration, the bright white lights match the ones on my bedroom window and I of course had to add fake snow hah, you can see both together in the bottom image. Finally the top right image is of my Christmas bedding (£6 double) purely picked because it was half price from Asda. However I do like that it is black and white because the rest of my room is pretty busy!

You can see what I mean by the rest of my room being busy haha. Top left is my tree which was a display tree from next in the sale, only £10! You can also see my merry Christmas banner and lights on my window. I can’t remember where the banner is from but the lights are from Littlewoods. For cheap wall decorations I used cards I had left over from last year and just stuck them to my wall with washi tape and used some to make a banner with left over string. The angel lights to the left are from Poundland, the little star lights on copper wire below are from Primark (£2.50) and the purple/pink star lights are from Tesco (£2.50 half price). I also made bauble garlands for my room with twine and sets of red and gold baubles from Tesco (£1). I also popped left over decorations around my room that didn’t fit on my tree. It’s completely mix matched but I love it.

A closer look at my tree! None of the decorations match, they don’t even belong to the same colour families if you will but I still think it looks right and super pretty. The decorations are from a variety of places including Wilko, Poundland, Asda, The Range, B&Q and Tesco. The little beaded baubles are something my brother brought back from South Africa, handmade and they are the perfect size for fillers on my tree. If I had to pick a few favourites it would be the deer with the bauble wreath round it’s neck (£2 Tesco) as it is unique and the deer looks grumpy haha, the traditional coloured santa (£2 Asda) and the purple, blue and green reflector bauble (49p The Range). Thinking about it I love all the decorations haha.

On the top you can see three candle holders, the pudding, tree and snowman all from Poundland which I brought last year but they still have them this year. For a pound I think they are really lovely. You can also see my window lights clearer and I also have fake snow and icicles on there. Last but by no means least I have a Merry Christmas sign (£1.50 Tesco), a white house (sale Wilko), a white fawn on the other side of the TV and a Christmas Yankee Candle holder as I have sooooo many Christmas votives and tea lights to burn, you can also see some small Christmas scented jars at the back, I also have large candy cane lane and Christmas garland jars too. Last year candy cane lane was my favourite but I’m definitely more into fresher scents this time around so Christmas garland is usually what I have burning.

Turns out you can say the word Christmas MANY times in one post haha. All of these decorations are really cheap or things you can make yourself so if you are trying to do decorations on a budget I hope this was helpful. If you have done a post on your festive decorations, actually a post on Christmas in general ’cause I am obsessed, leave me a link! Next post will be my first ever Sephora haul so follow me on bloglovin’ so you don’t miss it! – Amy x

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