High end haulin’

I have a few haul posts coming from when I visited Paris but today’s installment is all about high-end. I could of spent a fortune so I think I was quite reserved, I only went over budget by £60, she says only haha.
I just happened to walk past Aesop and remembered how much Estée Lalonde raved about their parsley seed mask so I decided to go in. This was a huge mistake for my bank balance haha but I’m really happy with what I picked up. Combined these two costs 82 euros, I think they were basically the same price each but don’t quote me on that. I asked the sales assistant for advice because I just didn’t have a clue. I knew I wanted a mask and I explained that my skin can be dry, normal, oily and when I get spots I really get whoppers haha so she suggested these two products. First up is the chamomile concentrate anti-blemish mask. The smell isn’t offensive in fact it’s quite calming, it has lots of lovely ingredients in, it’s clay like in consistency which is my favourite kind and it actually really works to calm down my skin. The second thing she suggested was the purifying facial scrub. This product is really nice, the smell is pleasant, it’s a really fine scrub but still does the job and my skin feels lovely, soft and refreshed after use. The sales assistant was SO helpful and gave me a ton of samples including pretty much everything from the parsley seed range and samples of a moisturiser suitable for the summer so it was a very good first experience of Aesop.
As I was on holiday I obviously had spending money and I’d saved a fair bit so I wanted to get lots of things I had been lusting after for a while. Near the top of my list was the Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate as so many people rave about it. I have mixed feelings about this. It makes my skin feels as soft as a baby’s bottom BUT I find it takes a long time to sink into my skin so I have to put up with that oily feeling which isn’t so enjoyable, however I do think I am using far too much as I think you are meant to use a few drops but I have been using maybe 5 times that amount so logic says that is why it is taking it’s sweet time to sink in haha. This was 39 euro’s, no idea how that compared to the UK but I had money to spend and that I did.
I picked up a Chanel lipstick from duty free as I wanted to try their matte formula. I was instantly drawn to this one as the colour is simply stunning. It is an everyday shade, kind of a brown toned berry, but the colour just has a depth to it that I really love. The shade is 47 L’Amoureuse and I believe it was £22, my memory fails me so don’t quote me on it. It has the amazing press and the lipstick pops up packaging which is just so satisfying, it is just pure luxury. I love chanel make-up ’cause it just makes me feel special. Lastly, It isn’t really high-end but I got it from a Caudalie boutique just outside the Lourve museum, is the Caudalie beauty elixir. I tried searching for this in city pharma but couldn’t see it so I am glad I stumbled upon a stand alone Caudalie shop by chance. I got the 30ml size and it was 10 euros which is £11.50 on feelunique so it is cheaper. It has a REALLY intense mint peppermint kinda smell which I like but others may find it too much cause you just have to open the lid and it’s like bam. It feels really refreshing, light and is just a nice thing to spritz first thing in the morning to wake you up.
So those are the high end things I brought from Paris that weren’t from Sephora. Paris has the most amazing places to shop, the Champs-Elysées is something else but every area you go to has something to offer, it really is a shoppers dream! – Amy x

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