NEW IN: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind foundation and Color blur lip pencils

I have recently got back from a trip to New York and I brought A LOT haha, hello excess baggage charge, but I wanted to share with you a couple of things I hadn’t heard about at all and was excited to see!

First up is the Instant age rewind eraser foundation. The concealer everyone loves but in foundation form. YAS YAS YAS. I like many others love the concealer but most of all I love it’s light formula and good coverage and this foundation doesn’t disappoint. It feels exactly the same as the concealer, really light weight and gives good coverage. The colour isn’t perfect, the lightest the drugstores did was 120 when I am a 115 or a 110 I think it is in their fit me foundation in the UK, but it blends really well so I can totally get away with it and for a bit more effort when blending, for the formula, it is a price I’m willing to pay! Any where I saw a Maybelline stand this foundation was there so Target, Walgreens, Duane Reade, CVS ect.

The second thing I found were some new lip products I hadn’t seen/heard about before. These are called color blur and the idea is that you apply the lip colour to the center of your lips and blur it out with the smudger attached to the product. It has a very spring vibe to it however I don’t think I am going to wear mine out like that any time soon, more practice needs to be done! I love the colours, I have ‘I like to mauve it’ and ‘Partner in crimson’ but there are a total of 10 to chose from. They are matte but don’t feel drying, feel smooth to apply and are light weight. All in all I am really glad I brought them. I got mine from target, I don’t remember seeing them anywhere else so I’m not sure if they are new or old so are being discontinued, who knows but if you find them give them a try!

So that is the first little installment from my NYC trip. I want to write up about my booking/flying experience, my itinerary, thoughts/feelings and everything else I brought so you may be sick of NYC before I am done but it is mainly so I have something to look back on to remember it by and also I went alone so who knows it might be helpful to someone else who really wants to go to New York but is worried about going alone ’cause for me it cost a bomb (I didn’t skimp/do the whole budget thing) so I didn’t know anyone else with that kinda cash to spend but I didn’t wanna miss out so anyways that is for another post! – Amy x

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