Melt Cosmetics ordering process and haul!

I have been a follower of Melt Cosmetics right from the beginning on Instagram and before that following both Lora and Dana whom created the company and they have come a long way! I got a liptsick, Belladonna II, for Christmas a couple of years back and the formula is insanely good so I had always wanted to get more and then they came out with eyeshadow quads and then more recently singles and I just thought sod it customs charge come at me!

The whole ordering process was pretty standard, I received updates on my order about processing and when it had been shipped with tracking so I could excitedly watch it on it’s journey! I had to get in contact with them as the shipment tracking said that my parcel has been delivered and they were extremely helpful and advised I check the tracking number on the royal mails website and hey presto I was able to see that the parcel was at my local delivery depot waiting for me to pay a customs charge, yay haha. The order came to $106 and because of that I got free shipping because I spent over $100. USPS standard is $10 normally or the USPS Priority with tracking is $25 and I am guessing that is what I had because I did get a tracking number so I would definitely advise getting your order to over $100 ’cause hell I would rather more makeup than paying for shipping! In terms of the customs charge I had to pay it really wasn’t that much at all. It was only £22, I wanna say £22.20 but I can’t quite remember, It was £22 something! Which included an £8 ‘handling fee’ from Royal Mail, cheers for that! Basically the customs charge wouldn’t put me off ordering again.

First up I picked up the Love Sick stack because the shades I mean come on *heart eyes*. The formula is amazing, the pans are huge, more like the size of blush pans than standard eyeshadow pans and the shades are all kinds of awesome. You can create a really pretty unusual smokey eye with this stack. The shadows are incredible pigmented, last on the lids and do not crease. My favourite shade is promiscuous because it is kinda duochrome, in some lights it’s purple and in others it’s slightly blue. I don’t have any other shades like this in my collection and the packaging is so cool, it is magnetic so that just kinda stick together and then you can spread them out like above to use and they are still connected and the stacks also come with a mirror.
I also picked up a single in blurr because I kept seeing it online and it is the perfect transition shade as the name would suggest but it really is and it works with so many different shades. Again the formula is amazingly smooth, there’s no fallout, it lasts on the lid and is just a winner all round to be honest. I also brought a mirror for this one as well because it was only $3. Obviously I could of just attached it to the love sick stack but I’d rather it was separate.

I also picked up two lipsticks. The left in Darkroom and the right in Laced. Darkroom was limited edition and I was gutted when I couldn’t get it but they made it part of the permanent line so I knew it had to be mine! It is a stunning deep raspberry wine colour and it is perfect for autumn so I can’t wait to start wearing it! Laced is part of the nude collection and an unusual choice for me because I don’t often go for true nudes because they tend to look weird on me but this one is really nice! It is just dark enough to not make me look weird and kinda has an ashy almost lilac tone to it with a bit of a terracotta vibe, it’s a really unusual pretty shade. They are both matte and their staying power is insane which is why I knew I wanted more after getting Belladonna II because you can even eat a whole meal and this lipstick isn’t going anywhere!

So that is my Melt Cosmetics experience and haul. Have you tried anything from this brand? (If you haven’t you need to!) – Talk soon, Amy x

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