HUGE high-end duty free haul!

I have recently been on holibobs to Portugal. It was lovely to spend time with the family, especially the ickle ones! The weather was ridiculously hot, it got to 30 degrees and for someone that doesn’t like the heat damn it was hot but it made the slightly chilly sea all the more inviting! I didn’t wear make-up the whole time I was on holiday as it would of just melted off and playing with the kids in the pool was much more important! However I did make use of duty free on the way there and during my delay on the way back haha! Some of these are duty free exclusives but well worth it if you are off to the airport soon as will I be in just under a month to Iceland woohoo, bit of a difference in weather but I’m excited hah!

First up are a few very naughty purchases in the form of two YSL palettes and a Rouge Volupté Shine. The lip palette is incredible,called The Extremely Versatile lip palette, exclusive to duty free I must add, and the shades are all ones I would wear. Let’s be honest you don’t expect anything less from YSL! From left to right I believe we have Coco Givrée, Pink in Confidence, Coral intuitive, Pink in Paris, Le Rouge, Fuchsia, Fuchsia in Excess and Prune in Fire and the numbers/formula’s are Volupté Sheer Candy N° 1, Rouge Volupté Shine N° 8, Rouge Volupté Shine N° 13, Rouge pur Couture N° 1, Rouge pur Couture N° 19, Rouge Volupté Shine N° 5 and Rouge Volupté Shine N° 18. The other palette is called the Very YSL fuchsia edition make-up palette and features 4 eye shadows, two lip products and a blush. The eye shadows are gorgeous, especially the taupe colour with the darker purple just in the corner for an everyday look and the light purple and pink are great for the inner corner and also work as highlights! The two lip colours are called rose pale and rose fonce, the blush is radiance #4 and the eye shadows are from top to bottom ombre solo #4 and ombre lumieres #9, #4 and #8. I’m getting the name direct from the packaging for this which is in french so if they don’t make sense I’m sorry, I’ve tried!

I always make a point to get a mac lipstick on my travels and this time was no different (although the tradition of getting a lip product for a trip started with Chanel but meh, the last two have been mac!) I choose Capricious which is a lustre because although I was going somewhere hot, It is now autumn at home so I thought this browny reddy toned berry shade would be perfect and subtle enough for me to wear everyday, I don’t know why I’ve not heard of it before, it is a lovely shade. I also picked up a MAC 217 because owning one isn’t enough haha.

I got a roller ball of the Viktor&Rolf flowerbomb fragrance in New York and I knew eventually I would get the full size so shopping in duty free felt like the perfect time! It is a gorgeous complex fragrance, you really need to give this one a sniff! I believe this travel set is exclusive to duty free as it comes with a body lotion and the 50ml eau de parfum. This set is perfect for me as I love feeling like I’m getting something extra for the same price as the parfum on it’s own. The bottle is just all the heart eyes, it looks as pretty as a picture sat on my dressing table/desk.

Now we are into the I have a huge delay and a 10% voucher sod it territory haha. Previously I have only tried one lipstick from Dior so I wanted to branch out. I’ve heard a lot about the Dior spray foundation and wanted to try it for myself and so far I love it. It’s light, gives a gorgeous satin finish to the skin and is zero fuss! I also picked up the Diorshow mascara which I really like. The wand is perfect and really gets at all my lashes and gives me a fluttery effect and there’s no smudging during wear, it is a great every day mascara.

I’ve wanted a high-end face powder for a while now, I have the Hourglass ambient light compact in dim light I believe but I just wanted a ‘standard’ one, not that Chanel is standard haha. I was into my second hour of being delayed with two more hours to go, armed with a 10% voucher from already hitting up duty free (whoops) I thought sod it and brought some products I’d been lusting after for a really long time. I have heard so much about this powder and it doesn’t disappoint. It makes my skin look smooth, radiant and feels super soft. I think it does have the tiniest bit of shimmer in it if you look closely in the pan but nothing compared to the Hourglass ambient light powder and I quite like that it does because it does give a really nice natural radiant effect because sometimes powder can make me look a bit flat and cakey but this doesn’t.

These were definitely blogger inspired purchases, actually just the anna edit inspired purchases as she is always talking so highly of the Clarins Instant Natural Light Lip perfectors. I originally just brought one from Gatwick, 01, as its a goes with anything soft natural pink and gives a lovely wash of colour but I liked it so much I picked up 08, a more autumn appropriate shade, on the way back! They give a lovely subtle wash of colour, are super comfortable to wear and make my lips feel super soft. I want more colours now!

Continuing with the autumnal/winter shades I picked up two other lip products I have been lusting after for a while. On the left is the Lancome Juicy Shaker in Berry in love. This is SO comfortable to wear as it is formulated with oil which you make think feels gross but it feels lovely and smooth on the lips. The colour is a lovely subtle true berry shade and fades to a lovely stain. I also picked up a Clinique pop in Love pop, a beautiful reddy berry shade with tiny tiny flecks of gold shimmer, untraceable on the lips but it makes it a really pretty and unique shade.

I said to myself no more makeup after this but considering I was already waiting for a few online orders, whoops, that was never going to happen! So you can expect to see Kylie cosmetics, Cult Beauty, Kat von D and Colourpop hauls coming your way soon! I will also be off to duty free again soon as well but I think I will try to be more controlled this time although I’m racking up the overtime with photography work so who knows! Thank you brain for letting me get some overtime in is all I’m sayin’! – Amy x

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