HAUL: Kylie Cosmetics and Jeffree Star Cosmetics


I finally decided to order a couple of Jeffree Star products and I am not dissappointed! I decided on a lip product from the holiday range called saggitarius because I am one haha, the colour is absolutely gorgeous and I have had a ton of compliments on it already. It is a dusky pinky purple, kinda reminds me of mac’s up the amp but more muted, slightly deeper and pinkier but in that kinda shade range. It is so comfortable to wear, feels absolutely weightless and is easy to apply because the formula is the perfect consistency to go on smoothly and then dry quickly so it doesn’t transfer. It also layers well so if you’ve eaten greasy food (it isn’t a miracle worker!) you can easily reapply.

The highlighter is called Lavender snow and it is the biggest pan I have ever seen! The packaging is so eye catching, I’m not normally one for bright pink, dare I say tacky, packaging but this feels sturdy and goes with Jeffree Star’s vibe. It is insanely pigmented and you can make it even more so as it can also be used wet. It is such an unusual lavender grey shade which probably doesn’t look like it should work on the skin but it so does and looks amazing.


I also did a cheeky Kylie cosmetics order because I really wanted to try some of her eye products and either the pumpkin or ginger liquid lip. I decided on trying the ginger liquid lipstick because it was avaliable in a single and I seldom bother with lip liners because I’m lazy! I absolutely love the colour, it is like a dark orangey terracotta, really unusual and I wore it for the first time today and got complimented straight away haha.

I got the Camo cream shadow from the holiday collection as I thought it would be a great deeper everyday eye shadow base and I am so glad I was right! It is a gorgeous bronzey green shade with a slighter shimmer which is right up my street. At $20 it isn’t cheap but the formula is amazing. It stays wet long enough for you to be able to blend it perfectly and then that’s it, it is staying put! It looks beaut on it’s own as well as being used as a base for other eye shadows which allows them to last longer.

I really couldn’t decide between the holiday palette or the burgundy one but went for the burgundy one as I think I will get more use out of it and I have also just brought the Urban Decay Vice 4 palette which kinda has similar shades. I used the burgundy palette today and absolutely love it! the middle pink shade looks stunning in the crease and adds a pretty pop of colour. Warm toned eye shadows are my thing and this palette is perfection. The shadows are super pigmented, I was worried, even though I love the liquid lipsticks, that the eyeshadows wouldn’t be of a great quality but I am happy to be proven wrong. The quality is definitely up there with the likes of Urban Decay so I am glad I finally brought a palette!

I definitely need to stop online shopping haha she says but I’m just as bad in the shops hah. What have you been buying recently? – Amy x

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