HAUL: Iceland duty free Bath & Body Works

I literally squealed with joy when I saw the Iceland airport had bath and body works products! If you ever go to Iceland, only the shop you can go into by baggage claim has the big candles so if you want them buy them then and wrap them up nicely in your case on the way back. It isn’t cheap and I got in a bit of a muddle trying to work out how much it would be in pounds and spent a bit more than I realised haha but s’all good! Iceland has a lot of american stuff in general but of where it is positioned so it is a pretty cool place for shopping if you go to a mall and the duty free is awesome!

I’m obsessed with the mini antibac gels so I had to pick up a load more because I loved my ones from New York so much. It is just nice for an everyday product so be jazzed up a bit! I also picked up a body spritz because I had previously brought the pear margarita body lotion when I arrived and really liked the scent.

I used the pear margarita body lotion whilst out there as because of the cold my skin was getting incredibly dry and it was really nice and actually worked so I picked up another one!



So I was in Iceland in November time, hence all the Christmas stuff and as I was in New York in march I wasn’t able to get anything season specific so I was excited to try some of their festive range. I knew I liked all the formula’s and I wouldn’t be going somewhere I could buy bath and body works any time soon so I went in haha. All the Christmas scents aren’t overly festive so I can definitely get away with wearing/using them all year round, even the body spritz.

what is your favourite Bath & Body Works product? – Amy x

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