HAUL: Seasonal candle update


I always like to get a few new candle scents for the different seasons and I had noticed Asda had new Yankee home inspiration stuff in and new ranges of their own.

I picked up five of the Yankee home inspiration votives. I got strawberries and cream, blueberry cheesecake, lemon meringue, pink island sunset and peaceful beach. I absolutely love the colours of these votives, they are so uplifting as are the sweet and vacation inspired scents! You can’t beat the value either at £1 each!

I also picked up a pineapple shaped wax melt burner from the George home range because well it’s obvious, it’s so cute!! Anything pineapple shaped and I’m gunna buy it! I like that the top is so deep so I’m not worried about the wax spilling over, it fits large tea lights in and just looks so cute and has summer/warmer weather vibes. I think this was £4/£5 – definitely affordable to spruce up your living space.

To go with the pineapple wax melt burner I also got some wax melts in blueberry crush which leads me on nicely to my next purchase. I picked up the blueberry crush jar candle. They had a few other summery scents but this was my favourite by far. It is really sweet and uplifting, It smells so much like my favourite sweets which are the gummy pink and white milk bottles from Wilko. I believe it was £4 and the jar is so pretty you could definitely reuse it so for the strength of smell and visual factor it is a cracking deal. The style of this reminds me of the next candles which are over double the price so it’s a no brainer really!

Have you tried any of the new Yankee home inspiration of George home scents? Any other candle recommendations? Send them my way! – Amy x

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