TRAVEL: Iceland

This post is kinda a selfish post because I wanted a space where I could look at all of my images from Iceland easily in one place! I went in the middle of November and have only just sorted all my pictures out so this post is a long time coming! My next post will be all about my itinerary, cost, how I found going alone, my experience of the blue lagoon and all that good stuff! So for now enjoy the pictures and get a sneaky peak into what I got up to before I tell you all about it and hopefully you’ll pick up some tips if you are planning on going later this year!

Iphone 6s plus:

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Canon 550d 18-55 kit lens

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Nikon S7000

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I also took a Panasonic FT30 waterproof camera which I used in the blue lagoon and those images are within my Iphone slideshow as I transferred them to my phone. I also took my polaroid camera but I have kept those images in a special Iceland scrap book but you can see a photo of some in the Iphone slide show. I have a better DSLR I could of taken but as I do product photography part time I didn’t want to ruin my nicest camera and lens!!

Have you been to Iceland or is it somewhere you’d like to go? – Amy x



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