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The tax man was not kind to me last month so these bits have been accumulated over the last couple of months so y’all can tell how unkind the tax man was!! hopefully now I am on the right code and it shouldn’t happen again! Changing jobs is stressful! Anyway! I thought I’d tell you what made the cut and what I had to have!!

I picked up the L’Oreal blush palette in amber mainly for that beaut Indian cruise shade but it also has some super pretty neutral and more subtle shades too. Pigmentation is nice and they blend really nicely too, a welcome addition to my collection.

Another L’Oreal product I had to have is one of the newer shades of the matte lip paints in nude-ist. It is a super pretty muted mauve/purple/pink colour, basically the colour I always end up going for hah. The formula on this is really nice, not drying at all and is the nice kinda matte, not a crinkly lips matte if you get what I mean. The applicator is a good shape and makes it easy to apply which is a bonus!

I also picked up the Nyx soft matte lip cream in Moscow. I seem to have a thing for blue lips, I doubt I will wear this out haha, so pointless, but I kept thinking about it, I love the formula of the soft matte lip creams and if I ever grow a pair I will wear this haha.

Finally I picked up this icy blue highlight from MUA. I have been pinning for the ABH moon child palette for as long as it’s been out so this has kinda eased the pinning for now as what I have been missing from my collection is a nice icy blue. You would think this would look weird on the skin but it is utterly gorgeous and the MUA highlights are really decent in pigmentation and texture so well worth a try if you haven’t already.

So that’s my two pence worth on these lovely products! Sorry for the radio silence, hopefully I can get into a new routine now I’m settled at my new job!

-Amy x



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